The core team at AIM Tech includes:

  • Anna:  As a biomedical engineer from the University of Michigan, Anna brings experience from the design two previous award-winning medical devices. Her passion for the NeoVent stems from her first-hand experience living and working in emerging markets for over a decade. She is leading the project full time to ensure NeoVent is clinical-trial ready.
  • Stephen: As a co-founder of AIM Tech and co-inventor of NeoVent, Stephen led the AIM Tech team to win 4 national design contests and 2 business plan competitions. He is currently pursuing his MD degree at the University of Michigan and continues to support the clinical aspects of NeoVent.
  • Peter: Peter holds engineering degrees from MIT and the University of Michigan and has professorial appointments at Western Michigan University’s College of Engineering and its School of Medicine. As a co-founder of AIM Tech and co-inventor of NeoVent, he supports technical analyses of the the device.

The AIM Tech team is supported by a group of collaborators and advisers, based in the U.S. and abroad, from medicine, engineering, and business.  In addition, we rely on the support of numerous students and faculty at the University of Michigan and Western Michigan University who have contributed to NeoVent’s development.